Services We Offer

Jeff Mobley Tree Service has long been trusted to enhance the growth of trees in some of the most historical areas of the oldest city in our nation. The services we offer are: Tree Trimming, Hazardous Tree Removal, Selective Land Clearing, Storm Preparation, 24 Hour Storm Emergency Services, Risk Assessments

Tree Trimming

The proper trimming of your trees can have a large impart on your home & property. If done properly trimming your trees will not only make your home and property a safer place, but increase the value of your property as well. Whether you have just a few small branches to be removed or a hazardous limb hanging over the house, Jeff Mobley Tree Service can take care of it all.

Risk Assessments

If you have been wondering if that limb hanging over your driveway, house, garage, etc. is dangerous, give Jeff Mobley a call - 904-540-2167. He would love to come take a look.

Hazardous Tree Removal

We specialize in Hazardas tree removal & have been trusted in some of the most historic locations in the Oldest City - St. Augustine, Florida - for the past 20 years. When it comes to removing a hazardous tree, it's important to have experience in that situation.

Selective Land Clearing

Selective Land clearing is done for many reasons, but it's very important to insure it's done properly leaving the as much of the trees on the land as possible. Whether you are building a new home here in St. Augustine or adding a new structure to your property Mr. Mobley would love to come out and help with your land clearing needs.

Storm Preparation

Here at Jeff Mobley Tree Service we take storm preparation vary seriously. It's much easier to prevent a sitution then to clean one up. Whether you have a few limbs hanging over your garage, house, etc we can handle it all. Don't wait until it's too late!

24-Hour Storm Emergency

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency situations. Shoot us an email and we will send you a nice magnet to keep close for an emergency situation. Give Jeff Mobley a call - 904-540-2167.

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